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86337 Property Listings

  • For Sale by Agent

    120 acres in Cross Mountain

    Seligman, Arizona 86337, United States

    • Land:120 acres
    • Type:Remote Land
    • Price:$44,900

    120 acres in Cross Mountain, west of Seligman, AZ, borders State land on 2 side off grid

  • Owner Finance
    Arizona land

    Two Stick built cabins

    Seligman, Arizona 86337, United States

    • Land:47.61 acres
    • Type:Cabin
    • Price:$75,000

    Two stick built cabins 12×28, has wood stove, propane appliances, heater, new range, the 12×12 cabin, has gas fireplace, hookups for propane,there are weather king sheds, 500 gal propane tank, generator, decks, do septic