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Survival retreat properties are our specialty. Whether you have one unique retreat listing, or prepper properties are your main focus, we can help you reach this niche market. We focus on marketing remote, off-grid, and self-sufficient retreat properties in the US and abroad. We provide advertising services starting at just $25/month, reaching thousands of interested readers in the preparedness market daily.

We reach a very focused market – our readers are specifically looking for properties that are off the beaten path, with amenities like solar or hydro power, spring water, a defensible location, and land for farming and ranching. These may not be selling point in the mainstream market, but are especially desirable to our readers. Our visitors are often looking to escape the big city lifestyle and relocate to a safer rural area, or set up a secure vacation/retreat home. See our Retreat Criteria for more details.


Our advertising rates start at just $25 per month. This includes one property ad with unlimited images, full property details, map, embedded videos or PDFs, and your agency contact profile.

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Our services include advertising only, we do not charge a commission or finder’s fees. Any interested parties will contact you directly. If you wish to cancel simply contact us. All properties advertised on SurvivalRealty must meet the guidelines laid out in our Retreat Criteria. Each property will be reviewed and approved before it is published on the site, and approval is solely at the discretion of SurvivalRealty. The client is responsible for the content and accuracy of all advertising. Please ensure that the information provided is in accordance with all applicable regulations and guidelines in your location.