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    Bugout Property--Escape COVID-19 Quarantine at Vacation Retreat

    Bath, New York 14810, United States

    • Land:20 acres
    • Home:2100 sqft
    • Type:Cabin
    • Price:$198,000

    Avoid the Corona Virus quarantine in comfort and beauty. Purpose built survival and vacation retreat. 20 acres in Steuben County with 1080 square foot cottage and another 1200 sq ft of garage/storage/expansion space. The super insulated, concrete and wood structure is purpose built to be left vacant for long periods of time and to be […]

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    Independent Rural Homestead

    Friendship, New York 14739, United States

    • Land:5.46 acres
    • Home:1700 sqft
    • Type:Homestead, Off-Grid/Solar
    • Price:$215,000

    This rural homestead is a year-round residence, with all of the modern conveniences- grid power, broadband internet, and many upscale features. In addition, it provides robust off-grid production and independence. It is located in the "Southern Tier" region of New York State- where the foothills of Appalachia erupt into the southwestern portion of the state. […]