Retreat Criteria

Properties should meet the following criteria:

  • Five acres or more (see exceptions below)
  • Not adjacent to a major highway.
  • Not adjacent to a major population center.
  • Independent water source, from a well, spring, or water on the land, or good potential for a well.
  • Independent septic system, or good potential for septic system.
  • Independent heating available (in cold climates), such as wood heat or a gas furnace with propane tank on property.

Exceptions to these general guidelines may include:


  • Adjoining public land
  • In off-grid or very isolated communities
  • Accessed by plane/boat/4WD


Homes featuring:

  • Safe rooms, built-in vaults, and secure storage
  • Bomb shelters or underground structures
  • High security construction and security systems
  • Complete energy self-sufficiency
  • Living space for extended family or multiple families


Farms and ranches with:

  • Extensive gardens or greenhouses
  • Hydroponic, aquaculture, or permaculture facilities
  • Self-sustaining livestock operations


Please note that all properties must be approved by SurvivalRealty’s staff before publication. If you are unsure if your property meets these criteria, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to look it over for you.