Incredible remote property…912 SF home on 17.7 acres WITH POWER, 16×48 heated & fully equipped greenhouse, 40+ mature fruit & nut trees, pond FILLED with fish (for eating/catching), Latour Creek frontage, spring water, large barn/garage, 840 acres of Timber ground bordering, spectacular views of the surrounding mountains & valley, comes with 1958 International 4 wheel drive Plow Truck and an absolute ton of equipment, supplies, and more:

Included equipment:
1958 International 4×4 truck (snow plow), operational!
1985 International Scout (bad engine), great body
1997 Mitsubishi "mini cab" dump truck 4×4 with great chains for getting up the mtn
2012 Honda Foreman 4×4 ATV (has snow plow capability)
2018 Honda Snow Blower, tracked, hydraulic transmission (the best way to plow the road, but takes 5 hours to do it)
2014 DR Log Splitter
2014 DR Chipper/Shredder
2014 DR Wagon
4 units of 6" 5 4 3 2 1" aluminum tubing x12ft long, was to make telescoping towers Electric fence charger at the plum tree right as you get to the top Electric fence charger for the vineyard, 24joule
5+ kW Solar Panel array, grid tied with the Enphase inverters. Enphase has sent new replacements for the units that failed.
Chicken Coop, 4 box with chicken run
Raised Bed planters and parts to make about 5 more which I designed Workshop (heated with a kerosene/diesel Japanese heater)
Samsung TV and equip
numerous steel storage cabinets (from Lowes), containing items used for the farm)
two air compressors for the pond & catfish
two air compressors for automotive/working
drill press
table saw
Reloading bench with heads for 9mm, 40cal, 50AE, 32NAA,
Reloading supplies (powder, bullets, primers)
Lubricants/solvents/various solvents and etc
Body Armor, 2 sets of level 3 armor,
and operational NBC rated mil gas mask
Fishing rods and reel
Automotive/truck tools and parts
Router table
Propane tanks (full): 5ea 100 pound cylinders, and numerous 20 lb cylinders
5kW generator with propane modifiction kit (not installed)

16x50ft Greenhouse
damage from last storm blew a section of roof off, and a rear door
see pictures of what we grew to sell at the farmers markets

8x8ft Greenhouse (used currently as a chainsaw shed)
Stihl Chainsaw model 461 (I think), TWO Each (alternate use when working)
9 sets of replacement chains
other chainsaws
saw sharpener (Harbor Freight)
axes, wedges, etc
log handling tools
powerful "sump pump", not used, with 50 ft of hose, electric (can drain the spring pump well , the pond, etc)

Carport built 2015

16ft diameter Yurt (200 sq ft), attached to house via the "vestibule" as the master bedroom. $14k tobuild
3/4"oak floor
Kimberly Stainless Steel Stove (was $4k)

Vestibule room
Samsung Washer and Dryer, top tier back in 2011, functions year round
5 gallon reverse osmosis water treatment system
shelving from Grainger
radio equipment, antenna connections, 2kW isolation transformer
cellular cradle with outside antenna, Wilson model

Equiment Room on House
5kW generator, propane modified, with Line-off-Gen interconnect boxes to house power panel
1800 watt Inverter with 8 military batteries (connected to the house jet pump system as a UPS)
1800 watt inverter with 6 batteries, as standby. Batteries are near end of life.
Lister diesel engine on the red truck bed trailer. It includes spare parts, a great flywheel puller, torque wrench. It was new and then rebuilt blueprinted in a machine shopin Salt Lake City, UT where I picked it up. Purpose was to run the 3KW pump at the spring to refill the cistern with water.

Hydronic Stove heating system for remote heating of the greenhouse. Assumed functional, but we determined it was not cost-effective with wood. Oil heat burner is there. Starting seedlings in February inthe greenhouse was possible with plastic hoods and seedling heat mats for our pepper crops.
Bee-keeping equipment, suits, jackets, smoker, etc

12 beehives two hives are active this spring. These are actually "wild" swarms whichtook residence in July. We hope this warm spring does not kill the bees. We never treated them with chemicals, and rarely fed them with sugar water. The Latour Creek are has been "seeded" with new honey bees thanks to numerous swarms thrown from our hives. When we arrived in 2013 there were no indigineous Apis Meliffera bees, but an extremely healthy biome of bumble bees, carpenter bees, wasps, hornets,etc.

Hughes 5th Gen Satellite Dish and modem, operational (we used 50gb/month for $99/mo
Copper telephone line comes up the mountain, Frontier just turned off our number)
Elliptical high end model Sole exercise bike (heavy after puting together)
Pressure canners, 7qt and 14qt "All American" models (no gaskets)
Lots of canning jars and supplies
Lots of 5 gallon carboys for making beer, and ciders from the trees
Bottle corker, floor model
6" blade electric meat slicer
Jerkey making equipment and spices
Copper cookware (exact items TBD) , some items very large
2 Refrigerators
1 chest freezer
propane stove (new in 2013)
dishwasher (high end) new in 2013
SAMSUNG TV (2010 high end Blu-ray) and 5 channel sound system stays
snow skis, snowshoes

Property Features
Commanding Views, End of the Road, Fenced or Gated
Barn, Fenced Pasture, Garden, Orchard
Creek, Spring, Stream or Pond, Waterfront, Well or Spring
Generator, Grid Connected, Solar
Cell, Internet, Phone, Satellite
4 WD Road, Seasonal/4WD Road
Home Features
2 bedrooms
1 baths


  • 25777 South Latour Creek Road Cataldo, Idaho 83810
  • 47.499457, -116.4366179