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John Haynes has been a licensed NC real estate broker since 1997 being involved in all facets of real estate since 1987 when he started in the appraisal business.  Over the years, he has personally developed five successful subdivisions including one of 900 acres in western North Carolina.  In recent years, while working in the jungles of Guyana, South America on a 34,000 acre project, John saw the United States from a different vantage point and as a result, he became concerned about its leadership, the direction of its economy and the instability of the dollar.  Being good friends with others involved in a large NGO specializing in disaster relief, John became knowledgeable in the matter of disaster readiness and preparedness.  Some would call him a “prepper” or even a “survivalist”, yet he's actually a realist and pragmatist, skilled at what he does.

John's excellent knowledge of real estate, planning and design caters specifically to clients of Retreat Realty.  Given the nature of this subject, discretion is necessary and a special skill set is crucial. John has partnered with Hurt Architecture of Black Mountain, North Carolina which has a specialty niche in designing safe homes. His friend and neighbor, Bill Forstchen is author of “One Second After” and together they work to educate the public on disaster preparedness through speaking engagements and blog articles.  Read the testimonials about John at and if you'd like to see dozens of full length testimonial letters, he’d be glad to forward them to you. 

Property Listings - John Haynes

Big Laurel Tract

430,000  208 acres  John Haynes  Retreat Realty
The Big Laurel tract features 208 acres in northern Ashe County County approximately 25 minutes northwest of West Jefferson and 15 minutes from Mountain City, TN. The property is ideal for a large private estate. The property sits at the end of a public road, well out of sight of any main thoroughfares, thus ensuring total privacy. Approximately one third of the land is in pasture and is stunningly beautiful with outstanding views. The remainder is all in a mature hardwood forest with the forest floor being clean due to livestock keeping it down. Its a hunter’s paradise. Two streams border the property with one of them crossing the middle of it and being very substantial in size. There appears to be enough fall to create sufficient head pressure for a micro-hydro generator. There are huge rock cliffs on one side of the property that protects it from intruders. An ideal home ... [Read More]

McDowell Farm – Black Mountain (Asheville), NC

849,000  32 acres  John Haynes  Retreat Realty
McDowell Farm is the ideal survival property: off the beaten path, yet accessible to good roads and nearby Asheville; pasture land; wood land; streams; homestead; barns; etc. Situated at the end of an unpaved county road, you must pass by an assortment of rural residences and burned out hulks of mobile homes to get to the gate. Its just the kind of approach that says “Keep out”, that will cause most curiosity seekers to steer clear if they even found the road. Once you’re on the property, it has one access, or choke point which makes it easily defensible. Shaped largely like a triangle, it is bound on two sides by substantial streams and on the third by hundreds of acres of undeveloped, topographically challenging forests. The point is, no one is just going to stumble upon this property. Furthermore, from the house on the property, one has a clear line of fire to ... [Read More]